Khwab Mein Bohat Hath Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں ہاتھ کئی ایک دیکھنا اپنے

To See Multiple Hands in Dream

"Khawab Mein Bohat Hath Dekhna" can be a good or a bad dream depending on how many hands you sense. Tabeer of this dream is determined by the dreamer and the dreamer’s spirits. The dreamer who has the spirit of goodness and a noble vision will support goodness and care for the needy.If a dreamer is good, he will find the good things.

Hath Keay Aik dekhna Apne

Khwab Mein Bohat Sara Hath Dekhna

ES ke dlalat insan ka ahsan or us ka aytmad par hote hai.or daye hat ke dlalat shba khwab ke kowat-o-maeyshat or us ka kasab or kamye naki par hote hai. kese hukmran ka lea hath ka khwab mein tawel or kawi hona dushmano par us ka gulb apne kom or fojj ke kawi mazbote hona or en par es ka hukam ka nafez amal hona or en ka sath dushmne karna walo ka mokabla main mdadgar sabet hona ke daleel hai.

The prophet Tabeers says, if the dreamer is not a good person and is surrounded by evils and bad spirits, he will support harmful things, wrongdoings, and evils. The work he will do will contribute to establishing peace on the ground. Sadka should be given so that you can choose not to receive all its benefits. Our responsibility is to follow this principle as well. If you see many hands in your dream, the interpretation can have two different meaning according to the situation. If you are a good person then you will be kind to other people but if you are a needy person or are short of necessities of life, this could mean that you might be a lot of trouble to other people.

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