Khwab Mein Mehndi Lagana

خواب میں ہاتھ میں مہندی لگانا

To Apply Hina on Hands in Dream

Applying mehndi or henna in the dream "Khawab Mein Mehndi Lagana" is not a good dream. In this dream, the tabeer is not as good as in the book "Khawboon Ki Tabeer", the dreamer will see himself killing someone. A murder could also be involved. If the dreamer works hard on his soul and beliefs he is likely to see the good things.

Hath Main Mahndi Lagana

Khwab Mein Mahndi Lagna Ya Dekhna

Hazrat Ibrahim Karmani R.A na farmyha hai ka agar es ka hath pao par mahndi lage howe hai to daleel hai ka khud ko arsta kra ga lakin es ka deen ma krabt ho ge or baz ahal na bayan kea hai kushyio ka hal es sa posheda na raha ga.

حضرت جعفرصادق رضی اللہ عنہ کے مطابق :خواب میں مہندی لگانے کی تعبریں

حضرت جعفرصادق رضی اللہ عنہ نے فرمایا ہے کہ خواب میں مہندی لگانا تین وجہ پر ہے ۔ تعبریں: اپنوں کی آرائش۔ تعبریں: اہل بیت کا ستر۔ تعبریں: غم واندوہ۔

Hazrat Jafar R.A ka motabik:Khwab Mein Mahndi Lagna

Hazrat Jafar R.A na farmyha hai ka khwab mein mahndi lgana teen waja par hai. 1.SApno ke Araeysh 2. Ahla bayt ka sutr 3.Ghum-o-Nedhwa

We have updated the interpretations and sourced them from authentic sources here. One of the best things about dreams is that they contain information that is hard to interpret and understanding the language is hard. Learn more about the dreams by visiting this page. In dream if you see henna on your hands, it is not considered as a very good sign. According to some of the leading dream interpreters seeing henna means the dreamer will either murder someone or be a part of a murder conspiracy. It shows a desire or a wish to kill someone.

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