Khwab Mein Zard Ya Peela Jhanda Dekhna

خواب میں جھنڈازرددیکھنا

To See A Yellow Flag in Dream

When someone sees a yellow flag in the dream, it means that the person is going to be sick but soon he will recover from the disease according to the given explanations given by the professional dream interpreters.When you see a flag in a dream it can mean different things, but for the Islamic interpretation, the flag...

Jhanda Zard

Khwab Mein Zard Ya Peela Jhanda Dekhna

khwab mein ya koi mashor kam sa tabeer hota hai asa he badshat wgra sa bhe asa he alim,bhadur zaheen sakhi or taktwar galib rahnma sa bhe tabeer hota hai.agr zard ho to ya lashkar or foj main waba ka phalna hai.

is an expression of celebrating changes in the world. If he or she sees a yellow flag in a dream, it is considered a good dream since the yellow flag represents good things. In dreams, the flag is also a symbol of the governors. It might mean the death of a son if someone sees himself carrying a flag, drum, and spear. Avoiding a dispute is also part of a flag dream. As well as the woman, flags are also associated with dreams.

(ج) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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