Khwab Mein Aankh Dekhna

خواب میں آنکھ دیکھنا

To See Eye in Dream

There are several interpretations available for the fact that what is meant by seeing an eye in the dream. Different interpretations depend on different forms of the views that one may see in the dream. You can also match what you have seen in the dream with the following given conditions and forms of the dreams.

 Aankh  Dekhna

The abundant types of views we’ve received are interpreted as follows. Islamic Interpretation For An Eye In Dream According to Hazrat Ibn E Sereen, an eye in a dream signifies the man with whom the dreamer will obtain education or assistance. His faith or half-Deen will be harmed if he sees a blind eye. A pale-colored eye in dreams will put the dreamer in danger. As a dream interpretation, pink eye can represent a son. If a person finds himself blind in his dream, he will eventually stray from the right course or his son will die. Using Black Eye Powder (Surma) In Dream A person if he sees himself using eye powder. Such a person is assumed that he’ll strive for a religious purpose. In case you got blind in one eye in your dream, its interpretation is not good as it indicates that half of your belief will be lost or you’ll commit a big sin. If a person sees himself adoring himself by the use of eye powder (Surma). Rather than possessing religious qualities, he displays them more. To see a further explanation of your dreams kindly see the explanation first.

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