Aurat Ka Apne Baal Kat'tey Dekhna

خواب میں بال سرکے اگرعورت دیکھے کہ اس کے کوئی تراشتا دیکھنا

A Woman Sees that Someone is Cutting her Hair in Dream

In case a woman sees that someone is cutting her hair, in the dreams is not a good sign. According to the tabeers of Khawab “Khawab Mein Aurat ka apny bal kat’ty dehna” is the worse for the woman. It means she will have divorce and if a man sees his hair are cutting by someone else he...

Baal Sar Kay Agar Aurat Daikhay K Us Ke Koi Tarashta Hai

will fade the difficulties in having children and maybe he will not have children. You can avoid this drema and hte interpretation to happen by jsut asking Allah ALmighty for help and praying well. You can aslo offer sadka for the good things. Tabeers of this dream is taken from the books that are authentic and well researched. When a woman sees that someone is cutting her hair in the dream, her husband will divorce the woman. And, if a man sees that he has cut the hair of her wife, he will have no children from his wife.

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