Khwab Mein Badshah ko Gusse Main Dekhna

خواب میں بادشاہ کو غصہ میں دیکھنا

To See An Annoyed Kind in Dream

Seeing the king in a troubled mood, "Khawab Mein Badshah ko Ghum ya Ghussy ma dekhny ki Tabeer" means hardships and worry for the person seeing the dream. Dreams or khawabs in which you see the King's expressions are considered to be the most valuable. As a result, this dream is not viewed...

Badasha ko Gusse Main Dikhna

favorably and you should offer your prayers and pray to Allah for the betterment of your spirituality. By clicking on the letters of the alphabet, you can explore further the meanings of your dreams.When someone sees a king in high temper in a dream, it is not a good sign for the person. The person will suffer from many grieves and mourns in his life. This dream reflects that the king is not happy with population and person may suffer from any cruel situation.

ب سے شروع ہونے والے خواب


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