Khwab Mein Bakriyan Dekhna Tabeer

خواب میں بہت سی بکریاں دیکھنا

To See So Many Goats in Dream and Feeding Them

It is a good sign to see yourself feeding many goats in your dream, or "khwab main bhut see bakrian palna". Very soon, the dreamer will assume control of a specific tribe or community. It is also possible to make this dream a reality by praying to Allah Almighty and giving sadka.

Bakriyaan Bhut Paalna

Be sure to read your papers and complete the assigned tasks before it's too late. Additionally, you may browse through further interpretations as well, as we have updated the list of the dreams' interpretations, and each tabeer is authentic as it is taken from the researched sources. As well as searching for your dreams, you can also explore your emotions. For your convenience, we've simplified the process. When someone sees himself and herself feeding many goats in the dream, it means that the person will be a leader of any party. The person will govern many people according to the given explanations of such a dream.

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