Khwab Mein Sir Ke Baal Safed Dekhna

خواب میں بال سرکے سفید دیکھنا

To See Grey Hair in Dream

Islamic Interpretation To See Grey Hair In Dream In dreams, “Sufaid Baal ka dekhna” or seeing white hair represents prosperity and good fortune. A higher level of happiness is also said to be implied by it, according to the interpretations of Ibn-e-Sireen. In other words, you can have a child if you see it as a pregnant woman.

Bale Sir Ke Safyed Dikhna

Dreamers may not have such dreams of white hair (Safaid balloon ka khawab) if their happiness levels plummet. Here are some other dreams relating to hair that have interpretations. Seeing Red Hair In Dream Dreamers if dream red hairs “laal balloon ka khawab main dekhna ki tabeer”, is unhealthy for them. Consequently, the dream is meant to represent the dreamer's critical thinking style, as the red color represents the dreamer's thinking style. If one is going to work as hard as he can, such a dream is possible. For someone who dreams of long red hair “laal magar lamby baaloon ka khawab main daikhna”, is interpreted as experiencing worries and hardships. In order to protect yourself, we recommend that you read the 99 names of Allah Almighty given in the Quran. Your health and safety will be protected as well. Seeing Black Hair In Dream When you see black hair “kaaly ya siyah baal” in your dream, this suggests that you have strength and power. Dreaming of a prosperous life is a wonderful experience. Dreams in which hair is black and smooth are viewed as bringing good fortune and good luck to the dreamer. A person whose hair is not well trimmed or is rough in appearance will, however, face difficulties in business and may face obstacles in achieving his dream. It is suggested that you read the name of Allah Almighty following his command in order to avoid such incidents. When someone sees that the hairs of his head are white in the dream, it will cause favourable and blessed situation for the person. The person will have a long life according to the explanations of such dream. If the hairs of head are black, it will be beneficial for the poor and a rich person will suffer from any difficulty.

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