Khwab Mein Zer e Naaf Baal Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں بال زیرِ ناف کم یا زیادہ دیکھنا

To See Pubic Hair in Your Dream

Dreaming About Hair Down The Navel “Zair e Naaf Baal” the hair underarm and around the gentiles is also known as pubic hair. A dream in which one sees hairs down the belly is a good dream, since if a woman sees, then she will see the garden full of flowers, and if she sees that she is shaving her hair, she will be in trouble.

Bale Zare Naf Par Kam Ya Ziyada Dikhna

Furthermore, if a man sees himself shaving his belly hair, he may lose religious understandings and possibly get into trouble. This section describes how other dreams can be interpreted and what they could mean. Seeing Dream About Shaving Hair Down The Navel An individual who sees himself shaving his hair down his naval is likely to be relieved of stress due to the upcoming problem or during a stressful period. It is very likely the person would engage in wrongdoing due to his ignorance if he does not see hairs down the naval. Seeing hairs coming out of Shirt “Khawab Mein Bal Dekhna” and seeing hair on the shirt is a sign that something is being revealed by the person that shouldn't be. Eventually, the dreamer will get into trouble because of this, and he will find out what he has done wrong while in ignorance. When someone sees less hair under the navel in the dream, it is an evidence of finding the wealth with lawful and right means. If the hairs under the navel are more or long, it means that the person has unlawful means for making his livelihood.

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