Khwab Mein Bazaz Ko Daikhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں بزازکو دیکھنا

To See A Clothier in Dream Meaning

To See A Clothier In Dream In the book of interpretations, it is stated that "Khawab Mein Bazaz ko dekhna" is a good dream for this khwab. Persons who see someone selling draper will face a tough enemy and will also enjoy the advantages of their status. Authentic dreams and the tabeers, which were written by Illuminati Scholars...

Bazaz Ko Dikhna

are not guessed and are based on both good and bad dreams. Your spiritually awakening life's actions also play a part in determining this dream. The fresh and khawabs will be good to you if your heart and soul are exemplary. When someone sees a draper in the dream, it is a sign of high status for the person. If the person sees a draper who is selling clothes in the dream, it reflects that the person will face a cruel enemy or he will make a new enemy.

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