Khwab Mein Bicho Ka Gosht Khana

خواب میں بچھو کا گوشت کھانا

Meaning Of Eating A Scorpion in Dream

It's a pleasant dream to eat the meat of a scorpion. The Tabeer about this dream "Bichoo Ka Ghosht Khana" shows that the person will have an enemy and will benefit from it. In this dream, the scorpion is compared with the enemy, and in this dream as it is written, it is evident that the dreamer will benefit from their friendship.

Bicho Ka Ghosht Kahana

The following khwabs are described in detail in the tabs. If you would like more information or more details please click the letters. A wazifa is the best thing to ward off the bad dreams. It can be read for a particular intention or for a specific inerptetaion. When someone sees himself or herself in a dream eating the meat of a scorpion, it means that the person will find some worthy material from his enemy. The scorpion is considered a sign of enmity and eating the meat of scorpion in the dream reveals a good explanation for that particular person.

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