Khwab Mein Chand Ko Agosh Mein Dekhna

خواب میں چاند کا آغوش میں لینا

To See Lapping Up of Moon in Dream

The moon is deemed a positive sign for someone in a dream. Seeing the Islamic interpretations of Urdu, the dreamer could become a minister of his country or an advisor to the king. It is a lucky and fortunate tabeer to see the “Chaand” in our laps.One approach to interpreting a dream is to consult...

Chand Ko Aghosh Main Lina

Khwab Mein Chnad ko Aghos Mein Lana

Hazrat Ismail R.A na farmyha hai ka agar dekha ka chand ko hath main pakra hai ya chand es ke goad main aya hai daleel hai ka es ka ha alim or dana farzand pada ho ga.

a scholar's book since there are many ways to do so. The origin of your dream is only known to Allah Almighty, and no one can tell you the exact meaning, so keep calling upon Him and do not descend into doubt over such limited guesses. There is a wide world in front of you, so keep looking, keep seeking. Thank Almighty always. To see a moon in the dream has good interpretations for the person. And for the dream when he sees lapping up the moon, the explanation is given as the birth of children of the person seeing the dream.

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