Khawab Main Jhanda Sufad Ka Dekhna

خواب میں جھنڈاسفیدکا دیکھنا

To See A White Flag In Dream

Those who dream of flags gain benefit as well as suffer loss from them, according to Islamic Urdu Interpretations. In a dream, you can lose or gain depending on the color of the flag you see. If you see a white flag in your dream, you may be dreaming of a pious and chaste woman.Therefore, the dream is noble and beneficial as well.

Jhanda Sufad Ka Dekhna

Khawab Main Jhanda Sufad Dekhna

Hakim alim ba tokqeer ho orat dolatmnd hmraz o mosheer ho.khwab mein ya koi mashor kam sa tabeer hota hai,asa he badshaht wagra sa bhe asa he alim,bhadur zaheen sakhi or taktwar galib rahnma sa bhe tabeer hota hai.

When someone sees a red flag in their dream, it is interpreted as the evil woman, and it is not a good dream. A dream language is much more complex than a language or symbol used in waking consciousness. It matters alot what color, state, or position you have in your dream. Historically, flags signify the celebration of new changes or events as they represent the good fortune they bring. We invite you to visit the other alphabets to see further interpretations of dreams.

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