Khawab Mein Jo Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں جو کو دیکھنا

Islamic Interpretation of Seeing Barley In Dream

When someone sees a barley in the dream, it means that the person will get lawful earning while making some efforts and facing difficulties. Barley is a food cereal and when someone sees it in a dream, it points out towards the provisions for his life.A dream in which you are selling barley meansthat you will

Jo Ka Dekhna

Khawab Mein Jo Dekhna

Jo ak galha hai.Hazrat Ibrahim karmani R.A farmya krta hai ka agar koi shaks khwab mein dekha ka jo tar ya kushk ya paka howa khata daleel ha ka us ko koi thore chez mila ge.or agar koi dekha ka es ka pass jo hai ya es ko kese na de hai to daleel ha ka es ko ese ke kadar khair or naki phoncha ge or tandrst raha ga.

خواب میں جو کا دیکھنا : حضرت جعفرصادق علیہ السلام کے مطابق

حضرت جعفرصادق علیہ السلام نے فرمایا ہے کہ جو خواب میں مال ہے جو آسانی سے ملے گا اور جو فروش ایسا آدمی ہے کہ دنیا پر اختیار کرتا ہے۔

Khawab Mein Jo Dekhna:Hazrat Jafar Sadiq A.S ka Motabik

Hazrat Jafar Sadiq A.S na farmya hai ka jo khwab main mall hai jo asane sa mila ga or jo farosh asa admi hai ka dunya par akhteyar karta hai.

choose the world over hereafter. According to the Islamic interpretations in Urdu, If you don't have strong spiritual foundations, it is a great loss for you. However, this dream may also serve as a reminder to control your greed so that you can focus on your religious beliefs. A good path is also found through faith and such faithful dreams. Remember that Allah is in control of everything. Do not be disappointed or worried. Your problems will be resolved in a very good and effective way if you call Allah Almighty with full intention.

ج سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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