Khwab Mein Joota Gum Ho Jana

خواب میں جوتا چھن جانا

Khwab Mein Joota Chori Ho Janain Ki Tabeer

Seeing the tearing of one's shoe or getting one shoe of the pair lost, is not a good sign. According to some expert dream interpreters it is a sign of either a critical medical condition or death of one's real brother.A dream such as this, interpreted by Islamic Interpretations in Urdu...

Jota Aik Phat Jana Ya Chin Jana

Khwab Mein Joota Chore Ho Jana

joota chen jana sa murad ya hai ka shba khwab ka bhai fout ho jaya ga.or agar dekha ka jote es ka pao sa gere ha ya zaya ho gye hai to wo andho or beyhurmati par daleel ke daleel ha bhe hai ka bradar hakeke ka marna ka asar hai.

is seen as a sign of loss.In the case of stealing someone's shoe, they will also lose their car or whatever they ride. It's a bad sign to dream that you have stolen something. If you have any other dreams and would like interpretations. Using the provided alphabets, you can see what your dreams tell you about yourself. The interpretations are taken directly from Islamic books and scholars. The section 99 Names Of Allah Almighty contains a whole section on Wazifa, as well as texts and scholars related to your problems.

(ج) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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