Khwab Mein Joota Pehnna Ki Urdu Mein Tabeer

خواب میں جوتہ پہننا دیکھنا

To Wear Shoes In Dream (Tabeer in Urdu)

When someone sees himself or herself putting on a shoe in a dream, it means that the person will get married to his maid or woman slave or to a very beautiful girl of a lower class. Professional interprets such a dream as such when someone sees himself putting shoes.

Jota Pehnana

Khwab Mein Jota Pahnana

Hazrat Ghous Azam R.A na farmya hai ka khwab mein jota pehna sa murad hai ka shaba khwab khobsurat hasena sa nekha kara ga.or agar dekha ka us na naya jota pao ma dala hai daleel hai ka orat kara ga ya kaneez kahreda ga,or agar dekha ka dosra ka jota pao ma dala hai daleel hai ka bawa orat kara ga.

The wearing of shoes in a dream indicates the wearer is traveling, a spouse, brother or a business partner.Dreamers, by buying clothes and not wearing them, will have slave girls or marry free women. In the dream, the woman's or girl's color represents her character. Black shoes are associated with wealth while red shoes are associated with being a businesswoman or always working in the beauty industry. It is not necessary to read the exact details here about the future, these are just estimates and assertions; the real knowledge lies in Allah's knowledge. You and your career can only be known by Allah. You should always seek the blessings of Almighty in your prayers and do not harm anyone, since this is the worst crime you could do.

(ج) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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