Khwab Mein Qabristan Jana ki Tabeer

خواب میں قبرستان جانایا قبرستان دیکھنا

To Go To A Graveyard in Dream

It is likely that the dreamer will experience a very different type of Tabeer if they visit or see a graveyard. Seeing this Khawab does not indicate a good deed because it means that the recipient will be punished in such a manner as to give people the opportunity to learnfrom the tragic behavior and traits.The dream tells about the destruction...

Qabarostan Jana Ya Qabarostan Dekhna

of the person who sees such a dream. Such a person will not find any comfort or good words to be remembered. After having such dreams we recommend readers to give sadka. Sadka has enough power to turn your bad Tabeers into a good one. It is not a good sign. The person who sees in his dream that he is going to graveyard will do wrong things. For those wrong things, he will be punished. People will get awareness from his life. He will become the example for the rest of people in the society.

(ق) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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