Khwab Mein Daldal Me Phansna

خواب میں نہر یا دریا کے دلدل میں پھنسنا دیکھنا

To See Stuck in Marshland of A River

“Khawab Mein Daldal Mein Phansana” is indeed a bad dream and it indicates that the dreamer will face hardships and a downfall in luck. Wherever the situation leaves you, you should not be worried and lose hope, as a believer always finds a way to come out of the problems. Allah Almighty helps those who obey him and follow...

Nahar Ya Darya Ka Daldal Main Phansena Dekhna

the given rules as well. He is the one who is kind and whenever a sinner repents over his deeds, he helps and supports him after forgiving the crying one. So always try to have a nice connection with Allah Almighty in order to have more good dreams. This is the sign of sadness and sorrow, the person who is dreaming such kind of images have deep depression in life and is very badly indulged in some trouble. His work is not going well. The jammed position shows that he wants to do something but can't do it and this is the problem which is making troubles.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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