Khwab Mein Nehar Me Nahana Dekhna

خواب میں نہر یا دریا میں غسل کرنا

To Have Bath in A Canal in Dream

“Nehr Ya Darya Mein Ghusal Karna” is indeed a good dream. Having a bath in a river in your dream has a good tabeer and it tells that you will have happiness and pleasure in the following days. If you were ill, you will see the rapid recovery of the disease. This dream is one of the prosperous dreams. Among many dreams the...

Nahar Ya Darya Main Ghusal Karna

dream is considered lucky as well as the element of cleaning yourself in a dream is considered a great sign and it will lead to fortunate results as well. To have more understanding of your dreams, you can visit the website and the given data as well. All the tabeers given here are updated and well researched as well. Therefore there is nothing to be worried about while you are seeing the tabeer of your khawab here on this platform. This is the sign of recover, if the person is sick he will be recovered very soon. Instead of this, it can be the sign of good news. There is third sign also which means that person who is dreaming suck kind of dream will be forgiven for his sins.

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