Khwab Mein Naak Ko Lamba Dekhna

خواب میں ناک اپنی بڑی دیکھنا

To See Long Nose in Dream in Islam

“Khawab Mein Apni Naak Bari Dekhna” is a bad dream as it indicates that the person who sees the dream will have an increase in his sexual desires and it will lead him towards sin. This dream is indeed not a good dream and you can avoid this as well by asking for forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Indeed Allah Almighty is the one...

Nake Apni Bari Dekhna

who helps his creatures and he knows the best about humans and about all his creatures. If you wish to avoid this interpretation you can. For this, you will have to offer your prayers regularly and you will have to pay attention to what is true and what is right. There are several pages forgiven for the benefits and advantages of dhikr and this way you can have the benefits too. You will see your spirit growing and becoming more strong as you read Allah’s name gradually. If in the dream someone sees his nose in large size it means that he desires sex and will get call girl to control this desire. This sign is totally about the desires and mostly it comes in a reaction of strong desires. In such kind of dream, desire is about the sex and for this there is a possibility of women who will not good by character.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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