Khwab Mein Mehram Se Nikah Karna

خواب میں نکاح کرنا محرمہ سے یعنی ماں بہن سے

To Marry With Your Mother or Sister in Dream

Having the dream "Khawab Mein Kisi Mehram Yani Maa Sy Ya Behen Sy Nikah Karna" means that the dreamer will be on a pilgrimage to the Kaaba, highlighting how lucky the dreamer is. This is why we see that dreams are not of little importance or concern but are interpreted with ...

Nekaha Karna Apni Mother Ya Khwair Aur Kisi Zan Aisi Sey Jis Nekaha Karna Hamesha Keyliye Haram Tha Yani Muharma Sey

great care because they are in a different language than what we normally communicate every day. According to another interpretation of this dream, the dreamer will have to do a good deed for his relatives, and this is another good and holy sign for the dreamer. Give sadka whenever you see a dream since it prevents bad things from happening and helps you achieve good things. In dream, the person who does marriage with his mother and any other relation like sister that is not allowed in Islam will get very soon the chance and honor to visit Khana Kaaba or this is the sign of doing good deeds for relatives. That person, who is dreaming, is very close to his relatives.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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