Khwab Mein Doodh Pina Ki Tabeer

خواب میں گائے بھینس کا دودھ دیکھنا

To See or Drink Milk in Dream

There are many interpretations for “Khawab Mein Gay, Bhensoon Ka Ya Bakrioon Ka Dhoodh Peena” or for drinking the milk of goats, cows, or buffalos. All of the interpretations highlight the meaning of legitimate money or fortune. Always remember to give Sadka, no matter you see a good dream or a bad dream...

Nosh Karna Khawa Pana Doodh Gaye Bhanse Aur Auntiniyo Ka

you have to believe in Allah Almighty and this will help you to achieve the good things or good signs out of that dream. Everything that happens about your career or your future is related to your positive or negative thoughts. So try to give Sadka and try to be more positive in your life s you can have more possible benefits out of it. In your dream if you are drinking milk or even watching it and this milk is of cow or buffaloes and camel, the sign of this dream is about legal earning. You like to earn through legal means in your life and dislike illegal earning. If you see the milk of goat then it is less degree pure but you will be counted in the legal earning.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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