Khwab Mein Sharab Peete Hue Dekhna

خواب میں شراب پی کر مدہوش ہوجانا

To Drink Wine in Dream and Be Unconscious in Dream

Being unconscious after drinking the wine "Khawab Mein Sharab Pee Kar Madhosh Ho Jana" is not a good dream, as it refers to destruction and havoc. The dreamer will discover that after getting a lot of wealth or becoming chief of a place, he will have to face hard times.

Sharab Pi Kar Madhosh Ho Jana

The dream reflects the worst and the worst elements of the dreamer's life. Providing the Sadka will save you from having this dream. It is also recommended to read the Wazifa as much as possible in order to avoid such dreams. The all and all is what you have been thinking about and what you are aiming for in your career. The rules and regulations for your goals should be based on good and vital rules. A dream which reflects the situation that the person is drinking wine and in a state of unconsciousness, is a reflection of getting rich. Some other interpretations of the dream reflect that he will be humiliated after being a leader to any nation.

(ش) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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