Khwab Mein Namaloom Janwer Ka Doosh Pina

خواب میں شِیرجانور نا معلوم کا پینا

To Drink Milk of An Unknow Animal

Seeing or drinking the milk of an unknown animal “Khawab Mein Namaloom Janwer Ka Doodh Pina” is a reference to the success in the knowledge of the religion and will be progressed as a preacher in Islam. There are many other dreams whose interpretations are alike to this dream and all such dreams related to...

Shere Janwar Na Malom Ka Pina

milk are considered good and prosperous dreams. You cannot be perfect until you do not get the knowledge and awareness about religion or Islam. To see about the other dreams and interpretations you can visit the letters as well and you can see what your dreams say about you. If a person dreams that he is drinking the milk of an unknown animal means that he will be successful in his religion. It also means that the person will develop strong religious believe in his life.

(ش) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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