Khwab Mein Lemon Pani Pina Ki Tabeer

خواب میں شکنجبین دیکھنا

To Drink Lemon Juice in Dream

The meaning of this dream can be interpreted in a variety of ways. If someone dreams of lemon juice, "Khawab Mein Shikanjbeen Ka Dekhna" indicates a good and prosperous future. It is not the same for Khawabs nor for their tabeers. The law remains to be the same if you tasted lemon juice as the sweetest; therefore, you...

Shikanjbeen Peena

are assumed to have lawful and legal earnings. You will be able to conduct business legally and with no violation of the laws of Islam. Juices have different tastes that give rise to different interpretations. When you wake up from a bad dream, you should strive to achieve good deeds. You will be able to see your dreams more clearly if you carry out noble and good deeds. A dream when the person sees that he is drinking the syrup of “shikanjbeen” has been interpreted differently. If the syrup is sweet, it points out towards lawful livelihood and wealth and vice versa. If a sick person sees that he has drunk the syrup that is sweet, it means that he will recover from the disease. If the it is sure, the diseases will remain for a long time.

(ش) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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