Khwab Mein Apna Ghar Tameer Karna

خواب میں گھراپنایاکسی غیر کا بناتا

To Build Your House in Dream

You will pursue worldly profits and advantages if you build someone's house. In your life, you are struggling. As a result of your previous successes, you should stop bringing them in front of you in order to build your future or to achieve something significant in the future.It is possible to get help from others as well. The fact that you will assist someone in building a career is one more sign of your dream.

Ghar Apna Ya Kisi Ghair Ka Dekhna

In dream, if you make your own or some other person's house and you make it very well then it means you will get benefits from some other person. He will do many things for you. He will help you in finance to overcome your needs. According to Islamic Interpretations in Urdu, Keeping a positive perspective and positive energy will help you keep on searching for what you want.

(گ) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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