Khwab Mein Ghar Khodna

خواب میں گھرکو کھودنا

To Dig Your House in Dream Interpretation in Dream

It is considered a fortunate dream in Islamic Tabeers written by Ibn-e-Sireen to see yourself digging your house or digging the earth. According to its Tabeer, When one digs his house or ground he will enjoy certain advantages and pleasures.This website contains well-researched and authentic interpretations of your dreams .

Ghar Ko Khodna

If you dig a house in your dream then it means you will be forgiven for your all sins. It is a good sign but at the same time it also indicates that your death can happen at any time. You must say prayers for forgiveness and try to do right actions to facilitate the other humans. Another interpretation is that there is a good chance for you if in your dream you get gold, uranium, or iron out of it. Dreams of this type indicate prosperity and good you can read more about your dreams on this site.

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