Khwab Mein Kacha Gosht Dekhna

خواب میں گوشت خام دیکھنا

To See Raw Meat in Dream Interpretation

It is a sign of good fortune to see raw meat, for it represents the noble vision of the almighty. Raw meat is interpreted as the lucky vision. A good announcement is coming for Dreamer. Dreams can become nightmares, which are interpreted as evil if they become nightmares.

Goshat Kham Dekhna

If you see raw meat in your dream then it means you will earn money by illegal sources. It will make you in trouble. You must avoid these actions to earn money which are illegal in society. It is not a good sign. You will face many problems because of your illegal earning.Added sadka to the dreamer's routine will prevent such nightmares from occurring. According to Islamic teaching, bad dreams are bad for a person, so he should give sadka to a needy or poor person. You can view the interpretations of your other dreams in the following section to find out what they mean about you. There is also an Urdu interpretation available.

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