Makan Ka Darwaza Khwab Mein Gir Jana

خواب میں مکان کادروازہ کھُد جانا

To See The Door of Your House Has Fell Down in Dream

An owner of the house or his wife will have a dream about death if they see such a dream. Dreams like this indicate death and are not good dreams. Repentance and ensuring the dreamer is not involved in any crimes are important for the dreamer. Keeping the true Islamic principles and showing flexibility with others will...

Makan Ka Darwaza Khod Jana

allow you to avoid such khwab. Taking the interpretation from Islamic sources, the dream can be avoided if you give sadka. Sadka has the power to turn your bad into good, as the Holly prophet suggested. It is not a good sign. The person who is honor of the house will die or it is also possible that his wife will die. The dreamer should pray for his forgiveness. The interpretation of this dream indicates death. The person who sees this dream must do right actions in his life.

(م) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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