Khwab Mein Mehndi Lagana Ki Tabeer

To Apply Henna On Hands in Dream

Henna can be seen or used in many different ways based on one's vision. Henna is typically used by people who are busy making themselves up, sometimes distant from their religious beliefs. If you dream about purchasing henna or mehndi, you are likely to be trapped in worry or hardship. A person who applies...

Mehndi Lagana

mehndi on the feet will be relieved of hard circumstances if they are seen doing so. Males will be cursed if they see their hands colored with mehndi in dreams, and females will also be cursed if they see their hands colored. The interpretations of other dreams can be found here as they are updated and accurate. To paste henna on the hands in dream is not a good sign. It means that you will murder some one. This symbol is very bad which shows that you will do wrong act in your life and fact many troubles due to this wrong action. To kill some one is a great sin and this is the interpretation of this dream.

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