Khwab Mein Nehar Ko Dekhna

خواب میں پانی کی نہر دیکھنا

To See Canal in Dream

Depending on the context, seeing water or a stream in your dream represents different meanings. However, the interpretations are in accordance with the predictions of blessings, rain, and Allah's mercy. What else is predicted by such dreams is given below.Drinking Dirty Water From River In Dream Water from a lake or river...

Khawab Main Pani ki Nehr Daikhna

that is muddy or dirty highlights diseases such as grief, heartbreak, and anguish. In your dreams, It is not good to see yourself drinking muddy water. Walking On Water In Dream A dream where one is walking on the surface of the water indicates that the dreamer has strong faith in Allah. It is also said that he who walks on water in dreams, speaks the words of wisdom. Another meaning that is implied by this deity is the solution to a problem through His grace. Wasting Water In Dream Not a good dream. The water of Allah Almighty is a blessing from Him. All living things are composed of water. The person dreaming of wasting water represents spending money where they will not get any benefit. Investing his money in the wrong place may cause him harm as well When someone sees a canal in dream, it has different explanations according to situations. The water main or flowing water is a sign of happiness and long life. If the person sees that, he has drunk delicious water from unknown water main, he will be blessed according to amount of drunken water and range of water main. If the situation in the dream is unlike, it will cause unfortunate and anxiety. To see water main in a dream is a reflection of strong business structure, as wide range of water main will reflect a stronger structure. If the dream is unlike to this one, it reflects loss in business due to dishonest and insincere employees. If the person sees that he is sitting on a throne and water main is continuing on his behalf, it is extremely lucky for the person, as he will find wealth, fame and luxuries in life. If a woman sees that, her husband is in the stream and the direction of stream is towards her, if her husband is on a journey then he will return home safely. If he sees that he has taken a bath in pure water of stream, he will find ease in his complex matters of life.

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