Khwab Mein Paon Dekhna Ki Tabeer In Urdu

خواب میں پاؤں دیکھنا

To See Human Feet in Dream

Dreams about one's feet indicate the manner in which one conducts oneself. Another thing is that if anything happens to the feet in the dream, it could mean that something is going on with the business, job, or service. In the case of feet pointing up in the direction of heaven, it means the little child in the house is going to die soon.

Pawo Dekhna

Pray as much as you can so you can feel comfort and remember that only Allah knows what is good for you, so do your best, make your prayers, but leave the matters and decisions in his hands, as he knows from where you could get the best benefit. Seeing Green Feet In Dream The dream indicates losses and a decline in the business for the seer, so it is not a good dream. A dreamer could face difficulties in the days to come. The market trend that is unsupportive may be bad for him or he may have an incompatible partner. It is possible for him to be unpopular in his field. Dreamers with jobs will find it hard to get promoted, and dreamers without jobs and seeking employment will find it difficult to even apply for jobs. Hardships and difficulties are highlighted in this dream. Don't worry about it, though, because there is no worry in Islam and whatever you see as bad for yourself may be decided by Allah Almighty. Allah knows what is necessary at any given time and where it should be applied. Creator and he is the one who blesses wherever and whoever he chooses because he is in charge of the universe. As He hears all your prayers, He will also reply to the intentions you put in them. So make sure your prayers are heartfelt and filled with intention. Everything will be all right, and if you read the section 99 Names Of Allah Almighty, you can get help. The other alphabets can be read for further interpretation as well. When someone sees his or her feet in a dream, it means that the person will go on a long journey. Feet are the sign of travel and if someone sees feet in a dream, it means that he will have to make a journey for some important purpose.

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