Khwab Mein Phool Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں پھول دیکھنا

To See Flower in Dream

Dreaming of seeing a flower is not totally bad, but it is not good, either. Dreams can have different interpretations depending on who is dreaming: poor, rich, happy, unhappy, job seeker, worker, businessman, girl, boy, mother, father, or institute director. Frequently, flowers indicate money or a child in a dream.

Phole Dekhna

Phole Drakht Ya Bay Drakht Dekhna

Hazrat Ibn-e-Sirin na farmya ha ky khwab ma phole ka hukam do kesam par ha ak drakht par phole ka hona dosra drakt par phole ka na hona or jes phole ka lea patha nhi ha us ka dekhna shab ke ghum o nedha par daleel ha or agr koi surkh phole es ka mosam ma drakht par dakha to daleel ha ky es ka ha farznd ho ga. phole drakht ya bay drakht dekhna

Phole Muktalef Rang Ky dekhna

Khwab ma phole ka drakht sardar or bat krna wala shaks ha or zard phole ka drakht,sodha agr orat hajat pore krna wale ha or safd phole ka drakht ezat or martbha or dolat par daleel ha.

Phole Muktalef Rang Ky dekhna

Hazrat Jabir Magribi A.S or Hazrat Ismail Magribi A.S ky Motabik Phole

Hazrat Jabir A.S na farmya ha ka khwab ma phole kam hemat or ahad shaks ha jo kese sa wafa nhi karta.or agr dakha ka kese ko phole dea ha ya hath sa gerya ha daleel ha ka asa bawfa shaks ke sohbat sa door ho ga.Hazrat Ismail A.S na farmya ha ka khwab mein phole khat ha jo ghaib sa es ko mila ga or ghaib shaks ayaa ga.

Hazrat Jabir Magribi A.S or Hazrat Ismail Magribi A.S ky motabik phole dekhna

There are many interpretations based on these two. Good reputations and status are also symbolized by the flowers one sees in our dreams. The flowers that represent worry and problems are also symbolized by the flowers one sees in a dream. This dream of cutting down trees could lead to you experiencing difficult times or moments. Flowers symbolize romance as you will kiss a pretty and pious lady if you see picking up the white blooms in your dream. Red flowers indicate a lady of the guy type, a lover of music, dancing, and the opposite of a solemn lady. There are other interpretations as well as the resection of her right eye. Just in case you want to read something useful to change your fate. It is beneficial to go through the section 99 names of Allah Almighty because they are beneficial for humankind. When someone sees a flower in the dream, it means that he will have comfort and peace in his life. Flower is a sign for love and peace and to see a flower in a dream is a good sign.

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